Create a More Engaged, Courageous Community with a brotha James Keynote Concert

The questions we ask are fateful. Questions work like a lens, immediately changing how we see the world, even before the answers arrive.

brotha James unique facilitation style utilizes appreciative, thought-provoking questions to engage an audience in a highgly interactive and positive experience. Creating inclusive life-giving conversations helps individuals in any family, school, community or organization feel heard and appreciated. By creating conversations focused on strengths and images that inspire us, we are naturally drawn to the best we can be.

brotha James captivating musical performances spark creativity, deepen relationships, and help your community have fun!

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“The students sincerely appreciated brotha James.They thought it was really great that he came to do a presentation, even though they are a smaller group.Students also appreciated that he let some of them come up and perform.He engaged students, and was then able to speak about the importance of good choices and making positive future plans.brotha James used his own (life) example as a way to illustrate that we can do anything we set our minds to do!I heard many positive comments from students!”  

 -Jenny Thompson, River Valley Academy, Rockford, MI

“brotha James’ music teaches, inspires and motivates children to show up in the world in a kind and compassionate way.”  

-Jen Rapanos, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist & Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher & Mindfulness Educator, Grand Rapids, Mi

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