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“Whether you start with the music,or the messages behind them, consider the lessons we can learn from the man behind it all--presence, playfulness, positivity, and purpose.” Jon Berghoff 

- Founder of the Flourising Leadership Institute

Abracadbra Track List

 1/ Abracadabra

2/ Not My Mind

3/ Warrior

4/ My Life

5/ Slow Down

6/ Feelin' It

7/ Livin'

8/ Shake It

9/ Please Stop

10/ Fly Away

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About brotha James

brotha James shares his transformative message of positivity through a multi-tiered music platform. His robust offerings include club and festival appearances as a captivating performer with an exhilarating body of recorded work. 

brotha James is also a galvanizing speaker who can tailor appearances that mix inspirational speaking within a live concert setting.


Amazingly talented, inspirational singer. His lyrics are soulfully transformative.

- Jen Groover (TedX Speaker & Entrepreneur)

Brotha James is my favorite artist! Listening to his music inspires me to be a better version of myself, living a life full of gratitude and passion

- Brianna Greenspan (Author of 'The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations')

Letter from Hal Elrod

Author of the #1 Best-Selling Miracle Morning book series. 

It’s been amazing to watch the way people of all ages gravitate to brotha James’ musical messages and even more amazing to look back on the beliefs we have both used to build our careers. 

What’s exciting is that it’s the same basic belief we had when we were two 24-year-olds selling Cutco: Our input equals our output. What we allow into our minds is directly connected to the results we are able to produce. 

brotha James’ music has become one of the tools that I use not only for myself, but also to inspire my kids. His music motivates us to live inspired and meaningful lives through the power of words and music. 

He is a musical messenger who is intentional about each word he puts into his music.  

- Hal 

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